Russell Brunson's 10X Secrets:
How He Made $3.2 Million in 90 Minutes at Grant Cardone's 10X Growth Conference 2018

How Russell Brunson Made $3Million in 90 Minutes
October 14, 2018  | Jose Morales 
Yes, It's True. $3.2 Million in 90 Minutes...
One-thousand 10Xers got the Funnel Builder Secrets special offer.
I was at Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego when I heard rumors and whispers about what had happened.

I wasn't quite sure I believed it myself, but when you look at the numbers and know Russell's methods. 

It makes perfect sense.
Watch the Presentation
If you haven't watched the presentation... highly advise you to do so. It is 90 minutes, so watch when you can block out some time.
10X Growth Con 2018 Russell Brunson Presentation
The Foundation: 3 Secrets of Success
Before we go more in-depth, there are 3 Secrets of Success that need to be highlighted.
1. Perfect Product-Market Fit
Of course, Russell's offer is built around ClickFunnels™.

If you're here, you're probably already using ClickFunnels, but if you're still not quite sure what it is or does

Check out this video
What is ClickFunnels?
ClickFunnels is an amazing product. 

If you're trying to start or grow your business online, there is no better place to start.

The audience is full of entrepreneurs, business owners, and salespeople. 

10Xers want results FAST which is EXACTLY who ClickFunnels is made for.

Even an amazing product that isn't the right fit for the audience wouldn't have had the same success.

A great product and a perfect product-market fit are essential for this level of success.

ClickFunnels is a great product and the "10X" crowd is the perfect audience.
2. Value Packed Offer
More than $11,552 worth of value for $2,997.
74% Discount.
A yearly subscription of ClickFunnels Full Suite is $3,564, so if you pay $2,997 and get a Full Suite subscription for a year... you're already ahead $567.

Everything else is just a massive bonus at this point.

Even people who already have ClickFunnels picked up this offer.

What's the key takeaway? 

Pack on massive value. 

A rule of thumb that I use is to give at least 10X the value.

For example, if my offer costs $997, it's going to be worth at least $9,970. I sit down and figure out how to bring more value to my customers, and add it to the offer until the value is 10X the cost. 

You can get creative in figuring out your perfect offer, and always think of what your customers value not what you value.

Seems like common sense but do your research to find out exactly what your customers want.
3. Time-Tested and Proven ($100,000,000+) Presentation Framework
The "Perfect Webinar" Script

After giving countless webinars, sales presentations and learning from others on what works, Russell developed "The Perfect Webinar" Script.

It's a script and framework on how to present your offer in presentations (webinars) so that people actually buy your high-ticket offer.

It's the framework for his Funnel Hacking Webinar which is the main conversion engine for ClickFunnels.

It's the framework he used for his '3.2 Million Dollar' 10X Growth Con presentation

It's made Russell Brunson a millionaire many times over.

Without a doubt. It works.

You can grab your free copy (just cover shipping) of "The Perfect Webinar" Script and training here.

Now let's walk through the 10X Growth Con presentation and I'll highlight key points so you can implement it in your own presentations.
Introduction (Crucial)
Command Attention
Bring an exaggerated level of HIGH energy.

If you do present at the normal energy you'll be boring, and people pay attention or engage.

It has to be high. You'll command more attention and keep people engaged.

At 10X Growth Con, Russell has the advantage that energy and emotion are running extremely high. He can use that and pump himself up as well.

You can see his energy build up right before he goes on stage, which he maintains throughout the presentation.

Keep an exaggeratedly high amount of energy in your webinars and presentations.
Know Your Audience
Russell knows his audience extremely well. 

They are a driven, ambitious group of entrepreneurs and salespeople. 

They are extremely dedicated to their success. Russell knows they identify as entrepreneurs and salespeople. Right from the get-go, he wants them to know that he knows and relates to THEM.

Let people know they're in the right place by acknowledging them.
Russell commands attention by asking the audience to hold up their cell phone flashlights in the arena. Quite the show.
Use an "Attention-Grabbing-Audience-Specific" Headline
"How to Instantly Outspend Your Competitors and Ethically Steal ALL Potential Customers in Your Market..."
This goes back to knowing your audience, Russell has an autowebinar called The Funnel Hacking Webinar which is a presentation with similar content, but uses the headline:
It's a much more curiosity based headline to pique interest from a cold audience.

His more aggresive 10X headline is targeted toward this 10X crowd.
10X Growth Con Russell Brunson Presentation
The headline is also the "ruler" or standard to which the presentation will be measured as a success or failure by the audience.

Note: See the   Headline Generator Software to generate high-converting headlines.
Future projection, or also called future pacing, is when the audience is called upon to "imagine..." a future life or result.

This is where Russell shines. He uses everything at his disposal to accomplish this and does so brilliantly.

He uses:
1. His Own Origin Story
2. A 10X Testimonial

He uses his own story about how he started with online sales funnels, and how he saw John Reese make a $1,000,000 in a day. 

Then breaking that record himself.

This also helps to qualify himself, and his position as an authority.

ClickFunnels™ is now an established company with tons of testimonials, and since Russell created the 2 Comma Club he has tons of success stories to pull from.

Of course, he chooses a past 10X attendee as his testimonial. He shares this testimonial and it's perfect.
10X Growth Con Russell Brunson Presentation
The One Thing
Breaking Down and Rebuilding Their Beliefs in 1, 2, 3 Steps
Now Russell introduces his "one" thing. In this case, it is...
10X Growth Con Russell Brunson Presentation
The vehicle to 10X your company in the next 12 months is a funnel.
There is not a company in this room that we couldn’t 10X in the next 12 months with the right funnel
The ONE thing is what Russell must prove to be true in order to convince his audience to buy.

If it is true then there is absolutely no logical reason for them not to buy.
To do this he must break down and rebuild 3 specific beliefs the audience may believe.

Belief #1: Does the audience believe that a funnel works?
Belief #2: Does the audience believe they can build a funnel?
Belief #3: Does the audience believe there is an obstacle for them to get started?

This is why knowing your audience, your target market, your customers is crucial.

You absolutely have to know what keeps your customers up at night, and why they do what they do, so you can craft a specific compelling message for them.
How to Break Down and Rebuild Your Audiences Beliefs
  • ​State the Secret
  • ​Share how you figured it out and how it works.
  • ​Show how it has worked for other people
  •  Break other related beliefs related to the secret
  •  Restate secret as fact because you’ve proven with above steps
  •  Repeat for the other secrets
This is the main content of the presentation.

Russell supports his 3 secrets, using stories, testimonials, demonstrations, and tutorials.

This will vary widely depending on your product, audience, and content at your disposal.
The $3.2 Million Dollar Question
This is the defining question... 

This is the question that answers whether or not the presention was successful in breaking and rebuilding the audience's beliefs

...and ultimately whether or not people will buy your offer.
The vehicle to 10X your company in the next 12 months is a funnel.
There is not a company in this room that we couldn’t 10X in the next 12 months with the right funnel
10X Growth Con Russell Brunson 3 Million Dollar Presentation
Closing the Sale
you guys okay if I spend about 15 minutes, sharing a special offer that I created just specifically for this audience?
The Stack
The idea behind the stack is that people only remember the last thing offered them, so you have to keep mentioning the products and their value.

Present the products one-by-one, talking about why they're valuable while "stacking" them onto a summary value slide.

For example:
Russell uses several closes in addition to trial closes peppered throughout the presentation. 

I'll list some of them here:
  • If / All
  •  My 2 Choices
  •  Investment Comparison
  •  Anchor Price
  •  Your 2 Choices
  •  Guarantee
  •  Testimonial / Success Story
  •  Us vs Them
I'll let Russell explain his closes, there's no one better.

For a full break down and explanation of Russell's closes, grab his free book (just cover shipping) Expert Secrets
See the closes in action.
10X Growth Con Russell Brunson 3 Million Dollar Presentation
Free Resources
Think about where you can apply even just one of Russell's presentation techniques. Applying just one of his techniques will transform your next presentation. 

To apply these techniques in your content download our free resources.

Download: How to Test a Headline Tag H1 Without Actually Writing Anything in Less than 30 Days [Case Study]

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